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Defoamer, containing silicone

For foam damping and defoaming of chemical products

Item number: 1.23300.10


For foam damping and defoaming of chemical products. Admixtures. Preferred applications: Degreasing baths

– Very productive
– easy to handle


Defoamer containing silicone is added to liquids that foam strongly due to reaction or production to prevent overfoaming. Evaluate the dosing quantity according to visual aspects.
Slight color variations of the product are due to the raw material and do not affect the product quality.
For further details, see work instructions. No warranty because of the versatility of the application.

Container sizes depending on availability.


The usual precautionary measures when handling chemicals must be observed.

– Keep cleaning agents out of the reach of children.
– Do not store cleaning agents near beverage bottles because of the risk of confusion.
– Do not decant cleaning agents into beverage bottles under any circumstances. The cleaning agents could be mistaken for food and thus drunk.


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