Professional cleaning and disinfection of
potable water systems

Hygiene, energy and performance efficiency are at the heart of CARELA Group.

Our core competence lies in the research, production and marketing of products, processes and technologies for the cleaning and disinfection of potable water systems and for water treatment.

We are ahead of the market! We always keep an eye on the current legal situation, take into account the latest scientific findings and maintain a close exchange with our customers.

This also enables us to develop innovative, legally compliant and effective products and technologies.

CARELA supports you in complying with hygienic standards in the potable water sector – this is our strength – this is what we stand up for!

We are continuously developing our hygiene technologies and hygienic cleaners. We have the right products and methods for every application. Read more about it!

Our latest innovation?
The careBox®


In general, good soaking, higher temperatures and
detergents accelerate the cleaning process.


Disinfection kills introduced microorganisms and
reduces their number to a very low level.


Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria that
can cause legionellosis.


With about 10% of all hospital infections pseudomonads are
among the most common hospital germs in Germany.