Diesel in water tank 

It might be a moment of inattention, not clearly marked tank caps or a lack of experience – suddenly diesel gets accidentally into the motorhome’s or the yacht’s drinking water tank. And now – what should you do? It is very important that you act quickly especially if you have a plastic water tank.

Diesel in water tank – what should I do?

1. Do NOT open the water tap NOR flush the toilet. If possible, switch off the pump on the control board. If you want to play safe, turn off all fire sources and gas valves of all gas bottles.

2. Remove the diesel from the drinking water tank as best as possible. First, pump out the water tank and then let the rest run out into a canister or an oil sump.

3. Until the easy clean oil set arrives, you should put hot water and washing-up liquid into the tank. Then empty the tank and rinse it with clear water.

4. Now it is time for a two-step rinsing with the easy clean oil set.

Step 1: to clean the drinking water tank residue-free, put easy clean oil absorb (ratio 1:10) into the water tank and fill it completely with water. You can also fill the tank alternatingly with easy clean oil absorb and water to get a better mix. After one hour empty the water tank and dispose of the mixture according to official regulations. Thoroughly rinse the tank three times with clear water.

Step 2: use easy clean Comp. 1 and easy clean Comp. 2 (ratio 3:50) to disinfect and clean thoroughly the water tank. Add both cleaning agents to the drinking water tank and fill it completely with water OR you can give easy clean Comp. 1 and Comp. 2 in the half-full drinking water tank and fill it then completely with water. After one hour empty the water tank and rinse thoroughly two times with clear water.

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5. The water is sterile and can be used without any concern. If you want to make sure that the water has drinking water quality, you can take a sample and have it examined by an institute.

If diesel stays too long in a water tank or even the tap was used, in the worst case the tank and the water pipes must be replaced. Once more: acting quickly can save costs.

Key benefits of the easy clean oil set

easy to apply

cleans metallic AND plastic tanks residue-free

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Diesel in water tank – what our costumers say about the easy clean oil set

A very effective product. We are happy about this economical solution. The smell of diesel disappeared, and the drinking water quality is as good as it was before. – F. Kohler

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