Cleaning of joints and pool edges / surface disinfection




Joints – black discolored or missing

Swimming pools must be in a perfectly hygienic condition. Therefore, optimal cleaning must be guaranteed. In order to ensure that you can enjoy your surfacing system for as long as possible in terms of appearance and suitability, the correct cleaning method has to be used.

Any cleaning of the ceramic covering inevitably involves the joints. Depending on the surface quality of the tiles (glazed, unglazed, special surface structure) and the resulting different levels of dirt adhesion, the cleaning effort, e.g. using a high-pressure cleaner, can vary. The consequences are that the joints can be subjected to different levels of stress.
Who hasn’t experienced this – missing or black strained joints, missing or loose tiles?

You can change this scenario very easily by only using low-pressure methods in form of AIR-MAT silent or NOVO-MAT 1+ and applying BioPool.

If the joints show particularly heavy soiling or even blackening after the winter break, then you should use Pool Fugenklar-Gel. This unique gel product is applied on the tiles and joints using CARELA® gel trowel. Let it take effect for a short time and then simply remove dirt and product residues with a water jet. Now your joints look almost as good as new.

Keeping pool edges clean – it can also be easy

With a normal degree of soiling, pool edges must be rinsed with clear water and disinfected at least every evening [BGesBl No. 2/2014]. A VAH-listed agent, which is simply sprayed on briefly before the end of work, is ideally suited for this purpose. Since FIX & DES bulk 7.5 is VAH-listed and has an unsurpassed fast level of efficiency, it can either be rinsed off after a few minutes or also work overnight. Besides, the materials of the overflow gutter and the handrails, ladders and steps are not damaged because FIX & DES bulk 7.5 is chlorine-free. Due to the high level of efficiency, using FIX & DES bulk 7.5 can significantly reduce the amount of disinfectant used in swimming pools, while at the same time complying with the substitution requirement.

Overflow gutter and pool surround – weekly & easy

The overflow gutter and pool surround must be cleaned at least once a week. The overflow grating must be removed in order to clean its reverse site, the support surfaces and the overflow gutter.

This can also be done very quickly and easily using a spray lance and one of the low-pressure spray units (AIR-MAT silent or the high-performance battery-operated version NOVO-MAT 1+).

At the start of the season and for basic cleaning with BioPool, you can easily switch to TW acidic and TW alkaline, alternating daily or weekly.

TW acidic and TW alkaline are also ideal for the maintenance of sanitary areas.

Surface disinfection in barefoot and sanitary areas – daily & easy

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) recommend in its publication “Hygieneanforderungen an Bäder und deren Überwachung. BGesBl Nr. 2/2014″*: “To prevent infections, daily cleaning and disinfection of the barefoot and sanitary area as well as the seating surfaces with a suitable agent (list of the Association for Applied Hygiene [VAH] or the Robert Koch Institute [RKI]) in sufficient concentration and exposure time is required.”
The VAH list contains tested disinfectants or combination disinfectants and cleaning agents, as well as the exposure times and concentrations required depending on the intended use.

FIX & DES bulk 7.5 is VAH-listed!

For surface disinfection in swimming pools, saunas and sunbeds, the CARELA Group has developed and launched the highly effective special disinfectant FIX & DES bulk 7.5 which is VAH-listed. It is not a hazardous substance according to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, is chlorine-, aldehyde- and alcohol-free and therefore non-flammable. The product can be applied by simply spraying or wiping.

FIX & DES bulk 7.5 is highly effective against:

  • Bovine viral diarrhea virus (< 1min)
  • Murine norovirus (6% < 30min)
  • Vaccinia virus (< 1min)
  • Fungi (< 1min)
  • Bacteria (< 1min)

*Hygiene requirements for pools and their monitoring. BGesBl No. 2/2014